Tuesday, October 2, 2012

San Antonio

Spring Break!  Well, this was a tricky one to plan this year.  We had planned on going to Florida.  Sanibel Island is one of our favorite places.  When I looked into airfare, I couldn’t believe it.  Tickets were over $600.00 a piece!!!  To Florida???!!!  There was no way I was paying that much, so we started looking into other places.  I knew it had to be HOT!!!  After checking out many others, we ended up going to San Antonio, Texas. 
We had a very rocky start to our vacation.  Our flight was to leave at 7:00 a.m., so we planned on leaving our house at about 4:30.  That would give us plenty of time to park the car and shuttle to the airport, check our luggage, get through security, and then have some breakfast before our flight took off.  Well…we have a relatively new alarm clock and somehow the alarm didn’t actually get set.  I woke up at 5:30 a.m.!!!!  Sheer panic!  We jumped out of bed, got dressed (no shower and no makeup), threw the suitcases in the car, got Grace dressed, got in the car and we were off on our half hour drive to the airport.  Somehow, I don’t want to know how, Greg got us there in less than half an hour.  We parked in the lot closest (and most expensive) to the terminal.  We got out of the car and RAN into the airport.  Grace was absolutely having a ball!  We usually tell her that we’re not supposed to run inside, so she was so excited running through the airport.  I ran up to the first Delta person I could find.  I said, “Our alarm didn’t go off, can you please help us?”  Bless this man who helped us.  Luckily we were checked in, we only had to check our luggage.  The Delta employee opened a station for us and checked our luggage as quick as I’ve ever seen.  We ran to security.  Luckily, we got through there quickly – it sure helps to have a child with you!  We ran to the gate and were the last ones to board the plane.  As we’re walking down the aisle to our seats, Grace says “Mommy, are you going to put any makeup on?”  Oh, the honesty of children.  Everyone that heard her (and of course, a lot of people did) started laughing.  How embarrassing!  Oh, well, we were on the plane and ready to go!  Despite this rocky start, we had a wonderful vacation.

Our hotel was right on Riverwalk.  It was beautiful to walk along the river.  We ate dinner on the Riverwalk every night.  We took a boat ride and found out a lot of the history of Riverwalk and saw all of the great shops to go on – which of course we had to go back to during our stay.

We went to SeaWorld.  I remember going to the one that was in Ohio when I was a kid, and this one was awesome just like I remembered.  Grace loved every part of it.  She went on her first roller coaster ride, which we had to go on three times.  She loved all of the shows with the whales, dolphins, seals, etc.  Grandma gave Grace some money to buy whatever she wanted while we were on our trip.  Grace picked out a stuffed Shamu and a Shamu purse.  She was so excited to be spending her “own” money.

We had gorgeous weather the whole time we were there.  It was sunny and in the 80s.  The hotel had two pools.  One was a rooftop pool at the 22nd floor.  There was also an inside pool on the 12th floor.  Grace had to go swimming everyday.  Mostly we were in the outside pool, but we had to at least try the inside pool once.

The flight home was perfect.  We were on time!!!  We got back to the airport, got our luggage, and headed to out car.  That was when we realized that we had no idea what floor we parked on since we were in such a hurry trying to catch our flight out.  The parking garage had 8 floors!!!! We walked every single floor, toting our luggage, trying to find our car.  We finally found it on the last floor that we looked!!!  Then we paid the outrageous fee for parking so close!  Oh, well, we had a safe and wonderful trip!


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