Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh, man! I need to start out again with an apology on how long it has been since we posted! It’s been over two months this time! June 19 was my last day of school, so now I’m on summer break! Grace and I have the whole summer to be together. It is absolutely wonderful to spend the entire day with her. She is such a blessing. Let me try to go back and fill everyone in on what’s been going on over the last few months.

There was no reason at all for me to be concerned over her speech and language development. This girl is talking, talking, talking! I was keeping a list of her words, but when it went over 50 words, I stopped! She is now putting words together into short sentences. She says, “I did it,” “I do it,” “Me, out, me,” “Me, go, me,” and many others! It is fascinating to watch and listen to her. There is honestly something new everyday!

My first Mother’s Day was great! We went to my parents to celebrate. Grace (and Greg) got me a bike trailer. Grace did really well on her first ride. I just went a little ways around our subdivision.

Our neighbors gave us their play stucture. Their children are now both in high school, so they really didn’t need it anymore. We were so grateful for their generosity! We bought a baby swing and replaced one of the regular swings. Other than that, it’s in perfect shape! The swing is the biggest hit with the slide as a close second place. She can’t quite climb up the ladder to the slide by herself yet, but we help her do that, then down the slide she comes. Here is a photo of Grace on the swing.
For Memorial Day, my family came over to our house to celebrate. We took Grace to a parade. She seemed to like everything, until they shot off the guns. Thank goodness Greg was holding her when that happened, because she sure hung on tight to him! After the parade, we went back to our house for a barbecue. My cousin Charity and her son Marcus were here from North Dakota. They hadn’t seen Grace since November, so they really couldn’t believe the change. Charity was pushing Grace on the swings and Grace wanted out, so she said “buckle.” Charity knew exactly what Grace wanted!

A couple of weeks ago we went over to our friend’s house for dinner and a play date. They have a son who is two years old. Grace had her first corn on the cob. She loved it! It was the funniest thing to watch!
We got Grace the best water toy ever! If you don’t have one of these, you’ve got to get one! It’s called the Fun Flow Play Sink by Step 2. I couldn’t find it in any store, but was able to order it from the Step 2 website. It was delivered to our house four days later. The first time we set it up, Grace played with it for over two hours!

We celebrated Greg’s first Father’s Day at my parents. It was a beautiful day, so we got out the sprinkler. Grace’s first time with a sprinkler! She loved going right up to the water and letting it hit her right in the face. She was just cracking up!
We took Grace to see her first Detroit Symphony Orchestra concert. The DSO plays at local Metro Parks. We packed a picnic dinner and rode our bikes to the concert. It was just a gorgeous evening. One of the songs had an oboe solo in it. I said to Grace, “Grace, that is an oboe.” She looked at me kinda funny, then pointed to and showed me her elbow. Greg and I started cracking up.

Last week was my first week of summer vacation. We spent the whole week playing outside. We played on the swing, slide, pool, and her sink. We went for walks and bike rides. We met my parents for lunch. I still have all of July and August. Yeah!