Sunday, April 20, 2008

Documents Updated!

This week we finished updating the last of our documents and sent them off to CHI. They were the last two documents. I spoke with Rebecca at CHI on Thursday and she said the documents were ready to be sent to Russia with the weekly shipment of documents. It feels so good to have finished that step. We will have a few more documents that we will need, but not until we travel to Russia for our first trip. We have moved up on the referral list. We are the next family at CHI for a girl, up-to-and-including 18 months of age, in the Astrakhan region of Russia. Boy, that's a lot of qualifiers!!! But at least we're next with something. Things have really slowed down, so it's getting very frustrating. We are doing our best to stay optimistic. We are praying that it will be soon! Please keep us in your prayers!