Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another two months since our last post! Boy, time sure flies! Grace continues to amaze us everyday.

We had a Thursday and Friday off in February for my Winter break. We decided to head up to Frankenmuth for a couple of days. We stayed at a hotel that had five indoor pools. Grace loved all of the pools. She is such a fish! We had a hard time getting her to come out.

The HIGHLIGHT of the last two months has been potty training. Grace and I spent last Saturday training a doll how to use the potty and then training Grace. On Sunday, she did pretty well. She only had one accident. On Monday it was off to daycare and I was so worried about what this would do to potty training. (Grace is only one of five at her daycare, but I was still worried). I took her potty chair with us, in hopes that it would make her feel more comfortable. She didn’t have any accidents, but she hardly went all day. Boy, when we walked in the house after work, she went right to the potty!!!! Tuesday was a rough day. She had two accidents at daycare. They went to a play area to celebrate another child’s birthday and I think she was just so excited about it that she forgot all about pottying. Luckily, on Wednesday, she got back on track. No accidents. Thursday continued with no accidents – she even went poo poo on the big toilet instead of her potty chair. In the evening, we went out to dinner and Grace asked twice to go potty. She went each time! The book “Toilet Training in Less than a Day” was recommended to me. It worked for us! I will say that I made a few modifications to the program. Some of it was just a little much for me. But, overall, it seems to have worked! It’s been just over a week now and she’s still doing pretty well. Today, she didn’t have any accidents. We went go out to dinner and she asked to go to the bathroom three times. She actually went pee pee only once. I think she just likes the whole idea of going to different bathrooms.

Her vocabulary continues to grow and grow. We have some real conversations with each other. She can count to five and sing most of the ABC song. She has to do everything herself! And I mean everything! Put on her own clothes and shoes. Pour her own milk. Comb her hair and brush her teeth. Everything takes longer, so we have to allow extra time for everything. But that’s okay, that’s how she learns. Right??? I keep saying that to myself.

Here are some of our favorite photos of Grace over the last two months.

Her first snowman!

Grandpa's girl

Enjoying the pool in Frankenmuth
Reading with Mommy.